Political Cartoons from Lake Geneva

So I mentioned earlier that there was a display of political cartoons along Lake Geneva set up as an installation while I was there.  This post is just a selection of the cartoons that I photographed while walking along the lake front (there were about 100 total):

I would love to hear comments on these, since I’m sure they spur emotions among us who work in the political and peacebuilding fields.

One thought on “Political Cartoons from Lake Geneva

  1. Thanks for sharing these! To me, intelligent, satirical humor is one of the most effective ways to help us take ourselves more lightly – the situations/issues/events are serious, but like the cartoonist shows we’re human, doing the best – and the worst – we can. We’re all laughable and lovable, and changeable. I believe public exhibits such a as this would go a long way to help most of us “stay calm” and respond appropriately to – even avoid – our own crisis. We sure could use a dose of such humor in the U.S., with election season upon us.
    As a minister, I especially like the ecclesial/religious guys in funny hats and dresses – I see little boy fear in their reaction to women, something I know about myself – fearful reaction to challenges to long held beliefs. I guess I’m feeling some compassion for them when I look at this, and am more willing to persevere in right action – such as taking care of myself (knowing fear makes us do insane, hurtful things to “protect” our beliefs), and exploring non- threatening ways to bring about change for the good.
    Peace, eh?

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