2 thoughts on “Short Interview with the Bonn Sustainability Portal

  1. Well said! Thank you – and you raise a good point – economic migration, and upward mobility – seems it’s part of the culture in the U.S. – if one wants to advance in career, must be willing to re-locate. Would you speak a little to that, and how it might relate to/inform global migration for such?

  2. I think the big issue we’re facing globally right now in terms of economic migration is that we have national systems of border control and migration policy that were developed for a mid-20th Century global economic model. I think the next big step is regional bodies like the EU that have common labor markets (though the EU has embedded issues it has to deal with!), so that when people migrate they can easily get registered with tax numbers and be integrated into the formal labor market. It’s a big question and it’s politically radioactive to talk about changing border policy, but I think changes in borders and visa/work permit processes are going to be the big change in the 21st Century.

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